Gabrielle Courtenay is an artist who has always been interested in pictorial space, aesthetic ornament and the symbolism of beauty. Her paintings while simple in their monochrome colour and sparse placement in space are redolent with metaphorical intent. Her artworks have imbedded narratives that act as a catalyst for the imagination. Her painting is informed by abstraction and her symbolic language references both the 'vanitas tradition' and the work of the early feminine surrealists. In recent years Art Residencies in Australia's Outback and in Beijing with a Red Gate Residency in 2010 have had a direct influence on her work.


Courtenay has moved across different areas of commercial and public art. She has worked for many years as an Art Educator and Art Consultant at Artbank, the National Art Rental Collection as well as designer/ painter on numerous Wall Art Commissions for hotels, restaurants, public buildings and private residencies in Australia and overseas. She now combines painting for Exhibitions with special Wall Art Projects while working as an Interiors Consultant on dometic and commercial projects for architects and clients.


To see images of my Exhibition History Click on Exhibitions and if you click on the Year Bar there is further information on the development of my art practice. While my first commercial large scale sculpture & painting show was in 1985 and yearly shows since 1994 there is only information on these in my CV and will add images in the future.